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Jesus Teachings / Table of Contents


A Brief History of Jesus and His Teachings

From the Pages of the Holy Bible

Condensed from the Harmony of the Gospels

As Described in the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Jesus Teachings [A]

[A1] Jesus Before His Birth

[A2] How Jesus Came to Earth

[A3] Where Jesus Was Born

[A4] Shepherds Told Of Christ The Savior

Jesus Teachings [B]

[B1} Wise Men Worship Jesus

[B2] The Plan To Kill Baby Jesus

Jesus Teachings [C]


[C1] Jesus Is Baptized By John The Baptist

[C2] Jesus Tempted By Satan

[C3] Why Jesus Came To Earth

[C4] Jesus Gathers Some Disciples

Jesus Teachings [D]

[D1] The Wedding Miracle Of Jesus

[D2] Jesus Cleans Out The Temple

[D3] The Nicodemus Teachings

[D4] Two Baptizing Teams

Jesus Teachings [E]

[E1] Samaria and Everlasting Life (Water)

[E2] Jesus Accepted In Galilee

[E3] Jesus Gathers Fishers Of Men

[E4] Jesus Escapes Death Near Galilee

[E5] Jesus Brings Light To Capernaum

[E6] Jesus Calls Matthew


Jesus Teachings [F]

[F1] Jesus Attends Festival in Jerusalem

Jesus Teachings [G]


 [G1] Twelve (12) Apostles Chosen

[G2] Many Teachings On The Mountain

[G3] John The Baptist Questions Jesus

[G4] Jesus Preaching and Healing

[G5] Great Storm To Great Calm

Jesus Teachings [H]


[H1] Second Nazareth Rejection

[H2] John the Baptist Beheaded

[H3] Over Five Thousand Fed

[H4] Jesus Avoids Being Made King

[H5] Walking on Water

[H6] Crowd Looks For Jesus

[H7] Jesus The Bread Of Life

Jesus Teachings [I]


[I 1] Over Four Thousand Fed

Jesus Teachings [J]


[J1] Jesus Appears Glistening

[J2] Jesus In Vision With Moses

Jesus Teachings [K]


[K1] His Last Feast Of Tabernacles

[K2}Seventy Sent Ahead Of Jesus

[K3] The Seventy Return Rejoicing

[K4] Winter In Jerusalem

[K5] Send Lazarus Back From The Dead

[K6] Jesus Raises Lazarus From The Dead

Jesus Teachings [L]


[L1] Jesus Announce His Resurrection

[L2] The Crowd Cries “Hosanna…The King Of Israel

[L3] Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem

[L4] Jesus Tells When The End Will Come

[L5] The Angels Will Gather The Elect

[L6] Judas Prepares To Betray Jesus

Jesus Teachings [M]


[M1] Jesus Washes 24 Feet

[M2] Jesus New Covenant Passover Symbols

[M3] Jesus Prays Before The Group

[M4] Jesus Prays Before His Arrest

[M5] Jesus Is Arrested

Jesus Teachings [N]


[N1] Jesus Is Delivered To Pilate

[N2] Jesus Is Taken To Golgotha

[N3]Jesus Dies And Is Buried

[N4] Jesus Appears To Mary And The Disciples

[N5] Jesus Ascends Into Heaven

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