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The "What's New" section was created to give everyone another chance to view the "Weekly Sabbath Service" sermon, in case anyone was not able to view it during the original one week viewing time.

These weekly postings will remain in the “What’s New” section for approximately three (3) to four (4) weeks so everyone has an opportunity to view them. After this viewing period has passed the “Weekly Sabbath Sermons” will then be moved to another viewing area or Media Player that are made available through the Navigation Menu on the left side of the website. If another Media Player such as (Baptism, Holy Days, Kingdom of God, Salvation,  etc…) is not available for the “Weekly Sabbath Sermon” they will be moved to the viewing area entitled “Sound Doctrine Messages”.

May God Richly Bless All of You,

Have a Wonderful Sabbath 

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