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2018 FOT Updates

2018 Feast of Tabernacles Updates


Please be advised that this information listed about the 2018 Feast of Tabernacles is a work in progress. The Feast Planners are still in the process of reviewing events and coordinating personnel that will best serve the needs of God's Family during the 2018 Festival. As a result, there may still be some changes made to the schedule from time to time. We suggest that you check the above schedule occasionally for such changes. We look forward to seeing all of you at the Best Western Branson Inn and Conference Center during the 2018 Festival.

May Our Great God Richly Bless Everyone,

Your Brothers, in Christ Jesus. Our Messiah

Feast Planners

Food Preparation, Refrigerration and Dining

Due to the change in ownership of the Best Western Branson Inn and Conference Center, it is necessary that we continue wilh the 2017 changes in our food preparation, refrigeration and dining area for the 2018 Feast of Tabernacles


The following changes worked well in 2017 allowing us to continue dining together for three (3) lunches and three (3) dinners. So we will adopt the changes we made for 2017, again, for the 2018 Feastival.


We will be dining in the meeting room as we did during the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles, it will require us to move chairs and set up tables after worship services on days 2, 4 and 6. Past practice, shows that it takes approximately 10-15 minutes to move the chairs and set up the tables. So we will still be able to serve lunches within a few minutes of our normal serving time. We will need to have a team organized to make sure things go according to plan and also coordinate the volunteers that will help.


 We will also need to make the same kind of arrangements for our three (3) planned dinners on days 3, 5 and 7

Hank and Mary Green advised using the electric roaster ovens for cooking our meals worked well. If you are not familiar with electric roaster ovens, many people use them to prepare the Thanksgiving Turkey. The Providence of God Outreach Network has purchased 6 additional electric roaster ovens so no one will need to bring one from home.


In general, everything is coming together nicely again this year, if you have questions or ideas please contact me at 417-253-3145 or   You can also talk to any of the Feast Planners if you prefer.


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Best Western Branson Inn again this year for the 2018 Feast of Tabernacles.


God Bless to All


Additional Information as of 5/29/18

Greetings to All,

We have completed the 2018 Holy days through Pentecost and the hot summer season is upon us. This, being the last week of May, many of us are starting to experience hot weather. One of the wonderful things about the hot summer days means we are getting closer to the fall Holy days of Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day.

Plans for the 2018 Feast of Tabernacles are coming together nicely, even though we still have a few areas that we need to complete before the 2018 Speaking and Events schedule will be complete enough to send to everyone.    

The Providence of God Outreach Network

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